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If you are intrested in our Kinship:

Heralds of the Third Age resides on the Crickhollow Server.

Formed in 2008 by three brothers and a friend, the kinship was not opened for recruiting until summer 2011.
With more areas and instances where groups are needed we started our first quiet recruiting effort.  Now it is open for anyone willing to join and follow the simple "Golden Rule" guidelines of the kin.

We’re looking for mature, relatively clean folks to add to our ranks. Our current members range in age from 20’s to 40’s, and we have characters from levels 1 to 85. We welcome all classes at all levels.  We accept any number of toons.  We offer help with anything from deeding & crafting to questing, leveling & group stuff. We like to promote the “family atmosphere”, as most of us are RL family/close friends. We use Axon by Dolby for voice coms, but we certainly don’t require anyone to use a mic (although using Axon to hear us would be useful). We have a kin house and all the accouchements that go with it. Before getting invited to the kin, we would like to spend some time either questing/skirmishing or just communicating with you so we can get to know you, and just as importantly for you to see if we are right for you. We don’t require a minimum play time, as RL sometimes interferes with our playing as well. However, we try to play at least a couple/few times during the week and during the weekend. Most members are on eastern US time zone, and as such our events are scheduled using US eastern time.

After admission to the kin, we only have a few, simple rules.
Keep it clean: keep it PG-13 (crude language is only acceptable on RARE occasions for humor purposes only)
No drama: while not everyone always agrees, there’s no need to get mean/hateful
Be helpful: If someone has a “dumb” question (especially outside the kin) either help them, or ignore it. Don’t grief them!
Be courteous: Example: If someone is fighting an enemy next to a resource deposit, wait for them to kill the enemy to see if they are getting the deposit first. Don’t steal it while they’re in combat.

Kinsmen/women will have available to them: Eastenment craftsmen (Craft Guild Masters as well) in all areas, the use of the Kin banking system, help with skirms/quests/instances/etc., and help with any questions you may have.

Click here if you are still interested.
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